The View from 800km

OMPS Total Ozone

Science Highlights

  • (Lots of) Aerosols over Asia

    OMPS is detecting a fair amount of aerosols over all of Asia. Here are OMPS AI over MODIS RGB images ...

    12 NOV
  • The 2014 Ozone Hole

    The official 2014 NASA/NOAA ozone hole press release is out. Give it a read.

    30 OCT
  • Haze Over India

    The Earth Observatory has a nice item on the October haze that currently exists over India. The OMPS AI is ...

    30 OCT

Spacecraft & Data Updates

  • LP Version 2 Data Release

    OMPS Limb Profiler (LP) Version 2 data products are now available. These products include daily files containing individual ozone profiles ...

    29 JUL
  • A Few Hiccups With Our V1 Processing

    Since the government shutdown ended, we've been having a few problems obtaining our raw data from NOAA's archive ...

    01 NOV
  • Back Up To Speed

    OK, it looks like we're caught up (or almost caught up) with our V1 processing. So the data should ...

    24 OCT