The View from 800km

OMPS Total Ozone

Science Highlights

  • Another Dust Storm Over the Mediterranean

    Northern hemisphere spring is usually and active season for dust storms. Here's another example of dust moving across the ...

    28 MAR
  • Saharan Dust over Spain and Portugal

    Saharan dust was transported over the Mediterranean and moved east to west over Spain, Portugal, and then out into the ...

    21 MAR
  • Asian Dust and Smoke

    It's springtime (meteorologically speaking, anyway), and the air over Asia is once again full of dust and smoke. Here ...

    16 MAR

Spacecraft & Data Updates

  • SACS Now Uses OMPS near real-time data

    We have a new customer for our OMPS near real-time data: the European Space Agency's Support for Aviation Control ...

    19 DEC
  • OMPS at the 2014 Fall AGU Meeting

    Suomi NPP completed 3 years in orbit this past October, and OMPS will have completed 3 years of data taking ...

    12 DEC
  • LP Version 2 Data Release

    OMPS Limb Profiler (LP) Version 2 data products are now available. These products include daily files containing individual ozone profiles ...

    29 JUL