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Smoke From Canadian Fires Crosses the Atlantic Ocean

Smoke from the fires in Canada crossed the Atlantic Ocean over the weekend.




You can see smoke reach Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdon on Saturday. On Sunday you can see it move further across Spain into continental Europe. You can also see that it moved past the UK and over northern Europe.

Smoke Moves Across Eastern Canada and Into the Central US

Here are the images for yesterday. This time, I decided to produce the OMPS AI over VIIRS RGB image using two different AI ranges; the one from 0 to 5 highlights the smoke moving into the US somewhat better.


Smoke Over Canada (Latest Image)

I don't have much to add to these images (except the loop the smoke made is interesting; I may look at the winds later to see if I can match them up):


Smoke Indicating More PyroCb Activity Over Canada

The OMPS aerosol index over Canada yesterday reached values well over 10 (up to 14), indicating the flare up of PyroCbs:


I decided not to smooth the OMPS AI image, and the OMPS data only represents one orbit (number 23600). You can see a sliver of smoke moving south into North Dakota.

(Again, you can see a couple of artifacts in the VIIRS RGB image I obtained from Worldview.)