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Smoke Spreads Across Canada

Smoke from the fires in the western US continue to move up into Canada and spread eastward:


You can also see smoke off the whole (or almost the whole) length of the California coast.

Smoke Heads Out to the Pacific, North to Canada

We still have smoke from California heading out to the Pacific Ocean, but now we also have smoke from fires in Idaho, Wyoming, and (possibly) from California moving north into Canada:


Smoke Over Clouds in the Pacific

Since low-level clouds often hug the coast of California, the area provides nice examples of how well the aerosol index can detect smoke over clouds that is not easily seen using RGB imagery. Here are two more such examples:



As of now, the Cedar fire near Bakersfield is only five percent contained.

Continued Smoke Over the US

Smoke continues over large sections of the western US:


The fires in California, in particular the Cedar fire near Bakersfield, has started producing a lot of smoke that is being blown far out into the Pacific (and it looks like it produced a pyroCb as well). And, again, you can see how much easier it is to detect smoke over clouds when using the aerosol index.