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End of This Year's Ozone Hole

The minimum ozone value in the South Pole region has now gone above 220 DU, so we'll close our our monitoring (and ozone hole page) for this year.

Air Quality Over Delhi Slowly Improving

The air quality over Delhi has slowly improved over the past week. Here are the last 5 days of VIIRS_RGB and VIIRS RGB overlaid with OMPS AI (again,with the VIIRS hotspot as well):


The blue-green AI signal has become more widespread (with less yellow and red), with the transparency increasing a bit as well.

The air quality determined by the US Embassy has now gone down below 200 (below very unhealthy into the unhealthy category) for the first time in a long time today.

India's Air Pollution Woes Continue

Here are the latest images for the air pollution over India:


Looks like the densest part of the "plume" is now located to the southeast of Delhi (the white triangle).

Air Pollution Woes Continue in India

The air pollution situation in India, particularly Delhi, has not gotten any better. According to this CNN article:

the AQI reading at the US Embassy was 999, which means that it's off the charts (the article is actually wrong; the AQI hazardous range starts at 300, not 500).

Here are the VIIRS RGB and OMPS AI over VIIRS RGB images for yesterday (again, with the VIIRS hotspot on top):


Delhi is located at the white triangle.