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Lots (and Lots) of Smoke Over Russia

The Russian fires continue to produce an impressive amount of smoke:


(I don't have anthing more to add to the images above.)

Lots of Fires, Lots of Smoke Over Russia

It looks like it may be a record fire season over Russia this year:

And the OMPS AI continues to pick up a lot of smoke from those fires:


One interesting thing here is if you look at the VIIRS RGB image, there appears to be an area to the west of the AI signal that is covered by smoke that the OMPS AI is not picking up. That may mean that the smoke is at a very low altitude, where the aerosol index lacks sensitivity.

A Lot More Smoke From Russian Fires

A copious amount of smoke is still being generated by the fires to the northwest of Lake Baikal in Russia:


Smoke over Canada and Russia

A lot of fires burning in the northern hemisphere, which is somewhat typical for this time of year.

First, smoke from the Alaskan fires continue to move further into Canada (it looks like it's mixed with smoke from Canadian fires):


The AI signal in the western US is probably a combination of smoke and dust.

We also have fires in Russia continuing to produce a lot of smoke which subsequently spread across the western part of the country: