Science Highlight

As you can see (since you're here), the web site is up and operating. We apologize we were down for a few months. We had some staffing issues, and we did not want to leave it unattended (which is not a good idea, particularly in terms of security) while working through them. Those issues have now been resolved. Having said that:

1) The blog will no longer be updated regularly. You've probably noticed that there have been no new entries for almost a year anyway. Part of the reason was due to the fact that, for a few months, the blog was not easily accessible for updating as we transitioned into the cloud (yes, we're now in the cloud). But a larger reason was a directive given to us to refocus our efforts elsewhere. Status updates and news about the sensors will continue to be posted.

2) NASA is instituting an agency wide assessment of its web site presence. How that assessment, and the directives that result from it, will affect this site is uncertain. While we await further instructions or directions, all aspects of the current site are, and should remain, operable.

Again, welcome back.